Eddy’s Ice Cream

Instaoenic Kawaii Ice Cream from HARAJUKU.

It’s full of all girls favorite things.

「Eddy’s Ice Cream has gone viral.」

You can get the most trending Ice cream. The shop attracts Sweet lovers and cute stuff lovers. It’s full of all girls favorite things, the most popular Ice cream shop in Japan now! You can get original menu or choice your favorite corn, ice cream and toppings. Eddy’s ice cream is particular about the details of that product. Watching these ice cream just makes customers feel happy. How about spending lovely time with Eddy’s Ice cream?

3 Strengths


Customers can get regular ice cream as well as seasonal limited ice cream which is inspired by event like Christmas, Halloween and valentine’s day. Eddy’s Ice cream launches 2 new items every month.

Photogenic items

Photogenic ice cream make customers want to post pictures on their SNS. Eddy’s Ice cream pays a lot of attention to store design, interiors, booth and items by the season.

Many toppings and flavors

Eddy’s Ice Cream serves colorful toppings like cookies and chocolate. Customers can make their own ice cream by choosing their favorite toppings and flavor of Ice cream. There’s 3 flavor of Ice cream. Milk, strawberry, Mix.


One of Regular Menu. The lowest price in regular menu.


The most popular ice cream at Eddy’s tee cream.using cotton candy. Looks cute and it’s a taste you don’t tired of.

Company Profile

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Ice cream

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