Enjoy stylish ,beautiful,artistic space and dish at “Ramen Bar”!
you can drink,eat a dish eaten with an alcohol accompaniment
and finish off drinking with ramen .

Welcome to Stylish Ramen Bar!


Ramen noodles in chicken and vegetable soup.
The chicken bones have made the soup white-colored, delicious and full-bodied.
The chicken meat on top contains collagen and good for your health.
Not only chicken ramen,you can enjoy ramen noodles in dried small Sardines soup,spicy shrimp soup and salt based soup and so on.
Enjoy stylish space and dishes!

3 strengths

Rich and creamy soup

A very rich, white soup is made from a mixture of chicken bone and vegetables.
It contains plenty of natural collagen.

Selected noodle

A medium sized, whole wheat noodle contains rich vitamins,mineral and fiber.
Low calorie and good for your health.

Popular among women

Stylish space and low calorie noodle attract women.

Noodle in bird pie tongue soup with sea lettuce

Rich but not too heavy soup contains plenty of collagen.
Bird pie tongue soup and sea lettuce are perfect harmony.
The flavors of the ocean spread in your mouth.

Spicy shrimp Dandan noodles

Special house sauce for spicy shrimp dandan noodles
using 18 or more selected condiments and spices.
The brothless dandan noodle is one of the most popular menu and have many repeat customers.

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