Platform Business

Introducing Japanese quality

to the world

Which countries should I target for expansion?

What are the procedures for founding a company in these countries? What about visas?

How do I make an agreement?

I want to open more outlets!

I want to expand overseas with a new business venture!

When expanding overseas, you will inevitably have questions and uncertainties, and be facing a major turning point. At Food’s Style, we provide powerful solutions for overseas expansion, outlet development, and new business initiatives, based on our abundant consulting experience and our first-hand expertise in outlet development.

Head of Platform Business
Noriyuki Yoshida

Born July 2, 1963
Graduated from the School of Education, Waseda University, in 1986.
Worked for Shiseido (Wellness business) and Nippon RB Development, Inc. (commercial facility consultant) before founding TB Consultants in 1999. 
Was appointed as Vice-president and director of Food’s style in 2017.   
Solutions for overseas expansion
Solutions for overseas expansion
Support for exhibiting franchise show around the world
Support for exhibiting franchise show around the world
Support for building a franchise headquarters
Support for building a franchise headquarters

Our Restaurant Business

In the restaurant business in Japan, with the aim of acquiring knowledge, we will accumulate the track record and know-how of our own business, franchisor, franchisee, and build an overseas information network.