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Providing a platform for conveying Japan’s traditional gastro-culture and omotenashi spirit to the global marketplace

Food’s Style aims to lead the way in conveying Japan’s traditional gastro-culture and omotenashi spirit to the global marketplace by forming a network of overseas restaurant outlets and helping restaurateurs develop their businesses overseas. Our global restaurant business is centred on knowledge acquisition. We are amassing first-hand experience in restaurant ownership and franchising, and building an international information network. This acquired knowledge is put to good use in our platform business. Our platform business is centred on developing a gastro-platform – a platform whereby anyone who so desires can expand their business overseas. To this end, we are creating opportunities for young people to expand their horizons beyond Japan. With this gastro-platform, we can not only offer solutions for overseas expansion but also contribute to society by creating peripheral businesses and connecting producers with urban consumers.

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Message from the President

In pursuit of a platform for exporting Japanese gastro-culture

代表取締役社長 米田 純 (よねだ じゅん) Having started out in the domestic restaurant management business, our company has expanded overseas, establishing a subsidiary in the United States, and we now operate an international network of outlets. Japanese restaurant are expanding year by year, particularly in the United States, and we feel that such expansion holds exciting potential.
Traditional Japanese food – washoku – has tremendous appeal. This appeal is partly down to its great taste, but more importantly, it is related to the fact that it embodies the country’s ethos of meticulous customer service, known as ometenashi. We founded this company with the aim of exporting this internationally acclaimed gastro-culture and letting people around the world encounter its charms. The prospect of overseas expansion still remains daunting for many restaurateurs, but we believe that further globalisation will lead to increasing demand for the overseas expansion of washoku.
To cater to such demand, we started the restaurant business. In this business segment, we are developing a domestic and overseas network of our own outlets and franchised outlets. We also started the platform business. In this business segment, we use the expertise accumulated in the restaurant business to help Japanese restaurant and washoku-related businesses make the leap overseas and develop new restaurant ventures.
Alongside these efforts, we play a key role in securing and nurturing young Japanese talent who are willing to play a role on the world stage. Our business operations depend upon talented individuals who can promote Japan’s gastro-culture to the world. In the past three years, we have recruited many young people who were hungry for success, and they are now performing admirably in management roles inside and outside Japan. We want to continue actively recruiting young men and women who will be a credit to their country.
Amid the hectic fluctuations of the world economy, Food’s Style aims to win support from around the world by improving people’s lives and contributing to society through food.

Food’s Style Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director 署名画像

Jun Yoneda, President and Representative Director

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
Graduated from the School of Education, Waseda University
Joined Seibu Department Stores, Limited. Worked primarily in sales planning, business policy, and business strategy
Joined Rakuten, Inc. Head of the Membership Programme Section, User-marketing Department, Rakuten Market
Became director representing the team and Executive Manager of Rakuten’s baseball team (Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles)
Joined Plenty, Co., Ltd. Worked in overseas business development, currently serves as an executive officer
Established Plenty USA Inc. Currently serves as CEO
Established Food’s Style UK Ltd, Currently serves as CEO
Established Food’s Style Co., Ltd. Currently serves as President and Representative Director

Company information

Company name Food’s Style Co., Ltd.
Established June, 2011
Head office Kume Bldg 6F, 2-25-5 Kamisaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021
President and Representative Director
Jun Yoneda
Executive Vice President
Noriyuki Yoshida
Tetsunori Nomi
Corporate Auditor
Hiroyuki Goto
Capital 55 million yen
Business contents Solutions for international restaurant business expansion
Consulting for restaurant business management
Restaurant management
Farm management
Event planning
Bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Resona Bank
Mizuho Bank
June 2011
Vegetary, Co. Ltd., established
April 2012
City Farm opened in the rooftop garden of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
July 2012
City Farm Barbecue Terrace opened in the rooftop garden of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza
April 2013
Plenty USA Inc. established in Seattle
April 2014
Santouka outlet opened in Bellevue, Seattle
February 2015
Santouka outlet opened in Harvard Square, Boston
June 2016
Santouka outlet opened in Back Bay, Boston
August 2016
Vegetary, Co. Ltd., changed company name to Food’s Style Co., Ltd.
August 2017
Santouka outlet opened in University Villege, Seattle
Febrary 2018
City Farm Barbecue Terrace reopened after renovation
April 2018
December 2018
Spin off City Farm Barbecue Terrace into a separate company
Febrary 2019
Santouka outlet opened in Gangnam, Seoul
Associated company            
Company name Food's Style USA Inc.
Established April 2013
Representative President and Representative Director. Jun Yoneda
Capital $1,100,000
Business contents Overseas expansion of washoku-related businesses
Company name Plenty Co., Ltd.
Established September 1995
Representative President and Representative Director. Shigemi Omochi
Capital 100 million yen
Business contents Entertainment related business planning and sales
LED rental systems sales
Human resources related business
New venture development


Food’s Style Co., Ltd.

Kume Bldg 6F, 2-25-5 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021 TEL:03-5436-4388