「City Farm Barbecue Plaza」will be renewed open!!


February 9, 2018

      Food’s Style Co.,Ltd.

City Farm Barbecue Plaza will be renewed ( March 3, 2018.

The City Farm Barbecue Plaza is located at the roof of Diversity Tokyo Plaza, It is a barbecue spot recommended for authentic barbecue which can bring in ingredients and drinks, barbecue at group, date, family. It is a rooftop space that can accommodate more than 600 people, and there are four different areas of concepts, which are “handbrake barbecue places that you can enjoy many times”.



Outdoor private party space (about 30 people)




■ “City Farm Barbecue Plaza” Store Overview

Store name: City Farm Barbecue Plaza

Address: 1-1-110 Aoyama, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135-0064 Diversity Tokyo Plaza rooftop

Phone number: 03-6457-2669

Business hours: 11 am – 22: 00 pm

Closed holiday: Conforms to building closing days

Details:https: //

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