Farming experience in the middle of the city😉☘️





We had an event “Farming experience in the middle of the city”on 21st &22nd July at Urban City farm which is located on the rooftop of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza😉☘️

Participants planted ,harvested seasonal vegetables and learned about the circulation of nature.

Thank you very much for participating so many people 😊
We would be very glad if participants could enjoy the event❤️

The next event will be in September.
Hope leaf lettuce which we planted in the event will grow well…✨✨✨


“Urban City Farm ” Store Overview
Store name : Urban City Farm
Address : 1-1-110 Divercity Tokyo Plaza roof top ,Oume,
Koto -Ku, Tokyo 135-0064      
Business hours:10am-7pm, summer time(Jun to Sep)
10am-5pm,winter time(Dec to Feb)
Detail :