Food’s Style Co.,Ltd exhibited at Hong Kong International Franchising show 2018 from 5th to 7th December😃🌟

During 2018,we have exhibited many franchising shows around the world including NY,Singapore,Manila , Jakarta and so on.
Hong Kong International franchising show 2018 was perfect for the finale franchising show in 2018.
It was a fulfilling 3 days !!!

Through these exhibitions,Food’s Style will accelerate support for overseas expansion of Japanese F&B companies in 2019🌈

We will join at Franchising show in 2019
17th to 20th March in Paris(under discussion)
29th to 31st March in Manila
30th May to 1st June in NY
15th to 19th August in Hong Kong(under discussion)
13th to 15th September in Jakarta
24th to 26th October in Singapore (under discussion)
8th to 9th November in Dallas(under discussion)