Solutions for overseas expansion

  1. Start-ups
    No matter which country you are targeting, there are certain local procedures and professional services that will always be necessary. For example, you will have to establish a company, open a bank account, and obtain a visa. The services that you will require include accounting, legal, human resources, and location development services, etc.
  2. Overseas consulting packages
    Drawing on our expertise in overseas consulting packages, we can connect you to the local experts whose services you will require. By constructing business packages for overseas expansion that are based on actual contracts, we can build packages that are more robust and easy to deploy.
  3. Platform services
    We help you to complete the export procedures for your original food products and your designated equipment, tableware, uniforms, fixtures, etc. We can also help you procure items from local suppliers.

FC show exhibition support

Support for exhibiting franchise show around the world We participate in franchise shows around the world five times a year.

Service Description

  • Exhibit agency services
  • Preparation of English materials to introduce your company
  • Sales activities at the booth to raise awareness of the your company brand and expand sales channels for overseas expansion
  • Sharing of visitor lists in exhibitions
  • Submission of franchise show activity report

Building franchise headquarters

Every restaurant enterprise starts

from a single outlet.

Your first outlet is performing superbly. So what now? Should you expand outwards or keep your resources concentrated? What about personnel? Organisational framework? Finance? Locations? These are the kinds of questions that restaurateurs must grapple with when planning their expansion. 
But you don’t have to face these issues alone. Why not take advantage of our expertise? Together, we can discuss these issues, identify and work towards solutions, and create an inspiring success story. 
Before entering any formal agreement, we will carefully listen to your situation and take time to build up a rapport. We are committed to fulfilling the promise of delivering success.