Ramen Santoka

Aiming to be a ramen shop that will be loved by people all over the world for a long time,
Ramen Santoka Business, which spreads “delicious and body-friendly ramen that you want your family to eat”, which is the starting point of our founding

Business features

Taste that is particular about the last drop

“I want you to taste the last drop.” The founder’s thoughts hidden in a small bowl.

At first glance, our bowl, which is small but heavy, is a custom-made bowl that has not warped since its establishment. The soup is thick enough to keep it cool, so you won’t miss the aroma and umami until the moment you bring the soup to your mouth. Its indigo color, which does not look like a bowl of ramen, is still loved by many customers as a symbol of Ramen Santoka.

In addition, in order to make a soup with a gentle taste, pork bones are boiled over a long period of time, and the finished white soup will not be reboiled because we want to value the taste and aroma. Therefore, it may not feel hot, but we believe that it is a temperature range where children and the elderly can enjoy it with peace of mind and deliciousness.

Keeping in mind that you can drink deliciously until the last drop, our soup, which is made with proper salt and maximizes the taste of the ingredients, has a mellow and gentle taste that has not changed in the past.

Creating a space that expresses Hokkaido, the place of establishment

We are creating a space with a white-based design based on the theme of Daisetsuzan, Hokkaido, and an Ainu textile design as a motif.

In addition, we have set up a small number of counter seats that are conscious of the store at the time of its establishment, and have created a store that expresses a Japanese-style ramen shop.

Education as a evangelist of Ramen Santouka

Only those who have trained at the training store of the Yamato Fire Headquarters and the store in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, and have mastered the philosophy of Yamato Fire, the commitment to soup, and the technique can be appointed as the store manager in the United States.

As a evangelist of Ramen Santoka overseas, I am focusing on education for people.

At first, each store manager in the United States had no experience with ramen, but now they are working hard every day to become a ramen store that will be loved by people all over the world for a long time.

Basic information

Business start: 2014

Stores: 5 stores (as of July 2021)

-Washington: Bellevue store, Seattle store

-Massachusetts: Harvard Square store, Back Bay store

-Virginia: Tysons Corner store

Service: Eat-in, take-out


April 2014, Bellevue store
February 2015, Harvard Square store
June 2016, Back Bay store
July 2017, University Village store
August 2020, Tysons Corner store